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NetJets Magazine

This year a brand new BOSE Aviation video clip was released featuring Frank in his role a Captain of the NetJets Global 6000 large cabin business jet as well as following his passion as an aerobatic pilot. In order to make this production a succes we collaborated extensively with both Bose Aviation, NetJets and Bombardier. [...]

GA Buyer Magazine

GA Buyer Europe Magazine is Europe’s leading General Aviation magazine. Read the latest updates from aircraft manufacturers and services suppliers.   In this edition GA Buyer features an interview with Frank van Houten about his passion for aerobatic flying and learn how his Sukhoi 26M is being used to excellent marketing effect

Flyer Magazine

Flyer Magazine is one of the UK’s biggest aviation magazines. They are known for their interesting articles on a broad variety of aviation topics. On of their new items in the magazine is called “I get paid to do this” The item focusses on pilots telling their story on how they got to where they [...]

The Dutch Rush cockpit demonstrator

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly in a single seat aerobatic aircraft? What navigation and orientation is like in a small cockpit with a big radial engine obscuring your view? Or would you just like to fly aerobatics in one of the most notorious aerobatic designs? Well, now you can! Last summer [...]

The Gavox Avidiver Dutch Rush edition

After several years of collaborating with Belgian watchmaker Gavox the time has now come to reveil something really special. Owner and creator of Gavox, Michael Happé,  now has created a special Dutch Rush edition of the brands Avidiver watch. A long cherished dream has come true! This watch is one of a kind and only five [...]

Piloot en Vliegtuig Magazine

The Dutch Rush Sukhoi featuring in the februari issue of Piloot en Vliegtuig Magazine. The article gives you a great insight in flying this aerobatic beast!

East meets West in the Sukhoi cockpit

Since Garmin started supporting Dutch Rush in 2016 it was time to give the Sukhoi cockpit a thorough update during the winter maintenance. Garmin is known for making some very solid, high quality avionics, but with the G3X Touch they really exceeded expectations.  So the choice to incorporate the G3X Touch  in the Sukhoi cockpit was easy. Together with [...]

Aerobatics, why would you want it?

Stunt flying, that’s what it is often called.  Unfortunately a wrong name for a very versatile sport that never becomes boring. Aerobatics is a unique form of aviation. The pilots are fighting a continuous battle against themselves and the elements. The sport compares to Formula 1, ballet, golf and surfing. But with a third dimension [...]

the Dutch Rush Tee

After a lot of thought and a number of designs it is finally here, the Dutch Rush Tee! The shirt was created in collaboration with Sjors Hazenberg from beletterking.com . The imprint on the shirt are a classy combination of pressed Flock and Applique design. We had to use all the techniques available to us, we [...]

Marketing versus Advertisement

This week I was driving through a modern industrial area looking for a certain company. While following the directions on my navigation equipment I was struck by the overwhelming amount of billboards, banners, company logo’s and other forms of branding and advertisement that filled my view. It was amazing, too much. It almost became impossible [...]

Location…. location…. location

One of the most important factors when buying a house or obtaining a new company building is the location.  The location of your new accommodation highly determines the joy of living. And in the case of a company building also your visibility and accessibility.  When organizing an event these factors also play an important role.  [...]

What to do at your company Event

Picture this … You are organizing this year’s company Event or Incentive. Or after many years of depression the time has finally come to open the new company building and you want it to be spectacular. Or maybe you have planned a sailing trip with a group of your key clients and you want to [...]

What do you have to offer your Event sponsor?

Outdoor events are booming. Every year we see an increase in number and size. Events that started to exist only a decade ago with a couple of thousand people attending, now attract over 200.000 people. These days it’s almost impossible to keep up. As an organizer you face many challenges. There’s a lot of competition, [...]

How to become an air show pilot

Air show flying is great fun. Air shows in general are very spectacular events that draw the attention of millions of people around the world every year. People from all ages and all layers of society travel to these events every year. The great thing about air shows and air displays is that it is [...]

Effective Instruction

Like aerobatics, being a good instructor is an art. Instruction can be very rewarding but also presents quite some challenges for the instructor. But after the initial instructors course there’s often not a lot of guidance on how to do the job right. In the manifest I’ve written I hope to give you some answers to [...]