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Feel the Rush of an Extreme Aerobatics Experience

An aerobatic aircraft performing mind blowing maneuvers leaves an impression that lasts

  • The Dutch Rush Sukhoi has spectaculair performance, an eyecatching paint scheme and an engine sound that forces you to look up and watch!
  • The aircraft is capable of creating emotion with your audience. It draws peoples attention before they even realize it.
  • Aerobatics and aerobatic aircraft have the power to turn your  Event and Event Marketing into something special. Something that stands out!

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NetJets Magazine

This year a brand new BOSE Aviation video clip was released featuring Frank in his role a Captain of the NetJets Global 6000 large cabin business jet as well as following his passion as an aerobatic pilot. In order to make this production a succes we collaborated extensively with both Bose Aviation, NetJets and Bombardier. [...]

GA Buyer Magazine

GA Buyer Europe Magazine is Europe’s leading General Aviation magazine. Read the latest updates from aircraft manufacturers and services suppliers.   In this edition GA Buyer features an interview with Frank van Houten about his passion for aerobatic flying and learn how his Sukhoi 26M is being used to excellent marketing effect

Flyer Magazine

Flyer Magazine is one of the UK’s biggest aviation magazines. They are known for their interesting articles on a broad variety of aviation topics. On of their new items in the magazine is called “I get paid to do this” The item focusses on pilots telling their story on how they got to where they [...]

The Dutch Rush cockpit demonstrator

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly in a single seat aerobatic aircraft? What navigation and orientation is like in a small cockpit with a big radial engine obscuring your view? Or would you just like to fly aerobatics in one of the most notorious aerobatic designs? Well, now you can! Last summer [...]

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