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Add the Spectacular to your Event

Unlimited aerobatics is a spectaculair sport. An aerobatic aircraft performing mind blowing manouvres leaves an impression that lasts

  • The Dutch Rush Sukhoi has spectaculair performance, an eyecatching paint scheme and an engine sound that forces you to look up and watch!
  • The aircraft is capable of creating emotion with your audience. It draws peoples attention before they even realize it.
  • Aerobatics and aerobatic aircraft have the power to turn your  Marketing Campaign or Event into something special. Something that stands out!

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East meets West in the Sukhoi cockpit

Since Garmin started supporting Dutch Rush in 2016 it was time to give the Sukhoi cockpit a thorough update during the winter maintenance. Garmin is known for making some very solid, high quality avionics, but with the G3X Touch they really exceeded expectations.  So the choice to incorporate the G3X Touch  in the Sukhoi cockpit was easy. Together with [...]

The Dutch Rush cockpit demonstrator

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly in a single seat aerobatic aircraft? What navigation and orientation is like in a small cockpit with a big radial engine obscuring your view? Or would you just like to fly aerobatics in one of the most notorious aerobatic designs? Well, now you can! Last summer [...]

Aerobatics, why would you want it?

Stunt flying, that’s what it is often called.  Unfortunately a wrong name for a very versatile sport that never becomes boring. Aerobatics is a unique form of aviation. The pilots are fighting a continuous battle against themselves and the elements. The sport compares to Formula 1, ballet, golf and surfing. But with a third dimension [...]

the Dutch Rush Tee

After a lot of thought and a number of designs it is finally here, the Dutch Rush Tee! The shirt was created in collaboration with Sjors Hazenberg from beletterking.com . The imprint on the shirt are a classy combination of pressed Flock and Applique design. We had to use all the techniques available to us, we [...]

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